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We welcome you to Beulah, the church at the crossroads, in rural Rock Island County. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Geographically, we are from the farms surrounding the church, the communities of Orion, Sherrard, and Coal Valley, and the wider Quad Cities area on both sides of the river.

The spirit of Beulah began when thirteen men and women joined to form a church August 22, 1854. The first building was built in 1860 when the church had 39 members. Originally, supply pastors filled the pulpit on Sunday and moderated the session meetings. Later, pastors were shared with other churches. In 1956, Beulah hired her first full-time pastor. When flames consumed the century-old sanctuary in 1968, it marked a new beginning. A new sanctuary was completed and an educational wing added. Crosses, built of the charred timbers from the old church, grace both the sanctuary and outside of the church building.

Beulah's hope for the future lies in the strength of her past, in her young people, and in the diversity of the congregation. With people from all walks of life bringing their varied talents to Beulah, the future looks bright.

Mission Statement
Working together for spiritual growth to glorify, praise, worship, and share God's love.

A Christ centered family of faith
Flexible in learning and listening to God
Serving the Lord with gifts and talents through multi-generational engagement
A Landmark Church, visible in the community, vibrant in ministry and impacting the world
A destination for continual growth

Please join us!